Aarp Job Interview: Interviewers guide online job listings

New Delhi: For years, job seekers seeking to get into Aarp have been asked to submit the online resume with job applications that would show a photo of themselves in a suit and tie.

But the search for jobs in the technology sector has changed with the emergence of an Aarp job portal, which offers job seekers a chance to hire directly through the portal.

“As of now, jobseekers can search through all job sites, including online and offline, through their online profiles,” a person familiar with the matter said.

The person also said that aarp portal was open to job seekers from across the country, but the job search for a particular person was not yet complete.

According to the person, the job seeker would have to have been actively seeking a job and had a link to the job posting on the Aarp portal, but it is not clear if the person had a job interview.

Job seekers are required to upload their photo on the job portal for the job to be verified, which could take up to three days.

If the person does not upload their profile, it will be rejected, the person said.

Job applicants can apply to aarp through the job site by sending an email with a job description.

The job listing is posted on the portal, and the job seekers can check the job for themselves.

Aarp has an online portal and job seekers are also allowed to check the status of their application.

According a job portal official, job posting is available on the website till April 17.

The official declined to be identified as he is not authorised to speak to the media.

However, in a recent interview with ET, the official said the job application process was not as complex as the portal claims.

According the official, the portal was meant to help people find a job through an online job portal and it was designed to work with job seekers with different backgrounds and experience levels.

“We are using the best algorithms to filter out job seekers who are not qualified for the particular job.

We are working on a comprehensive system for filtering out the job candidates,” the official added.

The official said that job seekers were asked to upload the online profile of themselves with a link.

“This was to ensure that they are qualified for a specific job, and that the application does not fall flat,” the job applicant said.

However, the AARP official did not reveal what was the criteria for the online job application, saying that the portal has no idea about how many candidates are applying for the same job.

“It is a very complex process and we do not know about the numbers,” the AARP official said.

AARPA is an organisation that helps recruiters to find employees, which is why job seekers have been able to access the job listing portal on the platform, he added.

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