Police in Florida say undercover informant job information is classified as classified information

WASHINGTON, DC—A group of police officers in Florida are calling on the federal government to declassify information about undercover informants that is classified and shared by the Department of Justice.The police union said in a statement Thursday that the information should be made public so that the public can determine if it is accurate.The union […]

When Archaeologist is ‘ancient’ job title Archaeologist job online search is now a matter of choice

Archaeologist jobs are increasingly popular, with many employers offering the career to anyone who can find it.But many Canadians have been left wondering what exactly the job entails and what it will entail.Archaeologist job info Archaeologist, who does archaeological work, is the most popular job in Canada, with over a million jobs advertised in the […]

Who’s hiring? Job seekers looking for information assurance jobs.

With the government cutting its workforce, companies are finding it difficult to keep pace.One of the most pressing questions for job seekers is whether they can find an information assurance job.The government recently announced a hiring freeze, with employers forced to lay off people to save money.But what is an information security career?What does it […]

How to know if you’ve been surveilled

Police are collecting the personal information of thousands of Americans each day, and the FBI is looking to collect information on just about every one of them, including financial records and credit reports.And in a growing number of cases, law enforcement is using information gleaned from the Internet and social media to track down suspected […]

The New Jobs Surge Could Transform the Economy

An estimated 8.7 million new jobs could be created during the next decade if Congress extends the unemployment benefit, according to a new report from the Center for American Progress.The economic impact of the economic recovery, the report said, is projected to be at least $7 trillion in 2025, with $3.1 trillion coming from new […]

When Archaeologists Don’t Act, They’re In The Public Domain

Posted November 06, 2018 07:16:13When archaeologists don’t act, they’re in the public domain, says the head of the United States’ National Institute of Archaeology.“Archaeology has to be a profession,” said Mary Lou Bruner, who will replace longtime archaeologist Mark McCollum in a new position.“I want archaeologists to be able to do their jobs.It’s time for […]

Booking vacancies in hospitals and nursing homes: How to fill them

An online job search platform is helping new mothers and fathers in Ireland to find work.JobServe said it had found 8,200 vacancies in Irish hospitals and 14,500 in Irish nursing homes for new mothers over the past month, which is the highest monthly total of any service since January.It said the number of vacancies in […]

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