How to apply for a job in the IT sector

RTE article What you need to know about the IT industry from the UK’s biggest employers.

Read moreThe Department for Business, Innovation and Skills said it was making an extra £2.2bn available to encourage more companies to hire and grow in the sector, with more people now expected to be employed in the technology sector.

A further £1.5bn is set to be provided to businesses to support them in developing the skills needed for the jobs market, including training, apprenticeships and mentoring programmes.

The Department also plans to provide £500m to support companies who are planning to set up new centres in the country, which will be able to provide apprenticeships to the workforce.

The Government said it would also boost the number of apprenticeships available to workers across the country to 1,500 from 1,200.RTE contacted the Department for Employment and Skills to find out how many of these apprenticeships would be available to UK workers.

We asked for a breakdown of the amount of apprenticeship training offered across the UK, as well as a breakdown by sector and by industry.

The answer is £5.2 billion. 

The total amount that the Government will make available to companies in the coming years will be £10.6 billion, which is £7.2billion higher than the previous year.

A total of £3.3 billion is being earmarked to help firms create jobs in the economy, which includes £1bn for JobCentre Plus, which offers apprenticeships, as part of the Government’s JobBridge programme. 

In total, the Department of Work and Pensions has set up more than 2,300 apprenticeships across the economy.RÉSports minister John Larkin said: We are delivering on the Government pledge to create 2,000 apprenticeships for people to join our sporting teams this year. 

Our Government’s apprenticeship programme will provide more than 1,000 new apprenticeships this year, and over 300 apprenticeships are already in place in the UK.

We will continue to work with our local communities to ensure that young people get the right support, so that they can build on the success of the apprenticeships we are already building.

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