How to find a job in your area

A new app lets you easily find your local job openings on a smartphone, and even compare them to job listings online.

The app, called Jive, is being developed by a group of people who include several people from the Ontario Job Centre, an Ontario Ministry of Labour-linked agency.

It was recently awarded $100,000 in funding to develop a mobile app to help people find work.

“The app will be integrated with a database that will allow you to compare job vacancies across all of Ontario,” said Dave Molyneux, the company’s chief technology officer.

“You can check jobs on different jobs, compare job candidates and see where they’re located and you can view job opportunities.”

He said it was not possible to provide a complete list of jobs available in Ontario, but there are a few places you can start looking.

The job listings on the site are limited to the city in which you live and to the province.

There are also limited listings in Toronto and Vancouver.

If you have questions, contact the Jive website at

Job vacancies are not available in many areas in Ontario.

For example, there are only limited listings for trades that require a bachelor’s degree.

But the company said the listings are good for people with little or no experience and for people who are looking for work where there are jobs for everyone.

Jive’s job listings are available online in three languages: English, French and Spanish.

It is not possible for people to apply in any of those languages.

Molyneix said there are other apps that offer similar tools.

The app also allows you to set up an account with JobCentre Plus, which offers job listings, job applications, job vacancies and job search results.

The company said it will expand this feature over time.

Mulholland said the company was not trying to be an automated tool.

It wants to create a tool that will help people make informed decisions.

“We’re trying to make sure we’re helping people to make the best decisions they can about their career,” she said.

“And we’re not just offering them a list of available jobs.

We’re trying get to know them and ask them questions so we can understand them better.”

For more information, visit the jobsearch website at or call 1-800-543-9888.

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