How to keep your house safe in a zombie apocalypse

Posted January 15, 2018 04:30:25 The only way to keep a home safe in the zombie apocalypse is to take every precaution to make sure your home is safe from zombies.

That’s the takeaway from a study released by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) that examines how to stay safe while living in a home and whether or not your home might be in the crosshairs of zombies.

The study, which was conducted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and was published on January 15 in the peer-reviewed journal Environmental Science & Technology, found that a number of things can help prevent a zombie invasion.

First, the study found that people should consider keeping a safe distance from windows, doors, and other windows, and they should make sure that windows are properly secured to keep out zombies and other intruders.

Additionally, people should ensure that their homes are equipped with strong security systems to prevent zombies from breaking into the homes and using them as shelters.

Finally, people who are living in homes should be aware of what kinds of items and equipment they can take with them and should consider taking all of those items to a location that is far away from their homes.

Here are some of the key takeaways from the study: Keep a close watch on the inside of your home and outside.

When you live in a neighborhood with many neighbors, you might not notice that zombies are invading your home.

However, when you live on a remote island in the middle of nowhere, you can still feel the zombie presence.

In addition, when your neighbor is moving his or her family around and moving around, you could become the target of zombies if your home has to be locked.

If you have a lot of pets, check their cages for traps or other hazards to avoid.

Make sure you have enough food and water.

You might be able to keep the food and food supply up until zombies invade, but you might also run out of water or become hungry.

When it comes to water, don’t drink it.

The FEMA study found a correlation between the amount of food a family has and how hungry they are.

If your family has too much food, it could cause a situation where the family can get hungry and leave without getting enough food to eat.

You can keep a food stockpile to be able provide for your family and your pets during the zombie outbreak.

Keep a safe shelter.

When zombies invade a home, a safe place to hide is a safe room with a safe door, a fire extinguisher, and a water source.

When a zombie is inside the room, you should use the room as a shelter, and you should make a fire to provide a natural shelter for your pet.

In the study, the researchers also looked at how to minimize the damage that might occur if zombies were to enter a home through a window, window sill, or other vulnerable location.

If zombies do manage to breach the walls of a safe space, they will find that a person could be killed if they try to use the safe space to fight back.

Make your home a safe haven.

You should keep your home as a safe, non-threatening location.

Your neighbors might want to use a fire alarm, or a locked door to protect your home from zombies that are coming to attack.

If a neighbor is living on the same property as you, make sure they can leave their home and come to your house when zombies attack.

Make arrangements to have people stay in your home to avoid having to deal with a zombie outbreak or any potential zombie attacks.

If the zombies invade your home, you will need to plan to get a safe escape plan for your home that includes: a safe entrance that you can easily get to, a place to store food and supplies, and your pet and personal items, like blankets and bedding.

Make a plan for emergency evacuation.

When zombie outbreaks happen, it’s easy to get caught in the whirlwind of zombies and make the mistake of taking unnecessary measures to protect yourself.

In these cases, you may have to make an emergency escape plan that includes keeping your pets in a safe location, having people stay inside the home, and having an outside shelter that you have the ability to leave with your pets.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

As you plan your escape plan, you’ll want to consider the following: Have your pet stay in a shelter.

A shelter is a place where you can keep your pet safe.

You may need to place your pet in a cage or other location that they can stay in for a while if zombies are able to break into the shelter.

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