NHL to expand online job listings for trainee coaches

NHL.com is adding the ability for coaches to post their job listings online for job seekers who would like to apply for them.

NHL.net is currently the only online job listing service that allows job seekers to upload their own jobs and get feedback from coaches.

This update also includes the ability to add coaches to job postings and to send feedback to them via email.

The NHL will now provide job listings directly from their website to job seekers.

This is an important step in moving the NHL online, and the NHL is working with the NHLPA to make it a seamless experience for jobseekers. 

“It’s important for us to have an online platform that’s easy to navigate and provide a level of privacy for our fans,” NHL Chief Marketing Officer Kevin Burke said.

“It’s not just a place to find jobs, it’s a place where our players can find their next job.

We’re excited to provide that option to fans.”

Burke noted that job listings are an important part of NHL.org, a platform where fans can learn more about the game.

“Our goal is to build an online marketplace that connects fans to players and the teams that matter most to them,” Burke said, “and that’s what this will do for fans.”

The NHL will also provide job listing updates on NHL.tv.

This will be the first time that the NHL has offered job listing support to fans on the site.

The NHL also made changes to the NHL.ca website that will allow fans to access and review job listings on the platform.

The job listings update is part of a series of moves that the league is making to make the game more accessible for fans.

Burke said that this update is one of several measures the league will be making to ensure fans can get the most out of the NHL and its online experience.

“We’ve always been a fan-first league,” Burke told NHL.

“That means that we want to provide our fans with the most personalized experience possible, whether that’s through the most up-to-date NHL.coach, or the most comprehensive, all-inclusive and interactive information on the game,” he said.

Burke said that the changes to NHL.me and NHL.us will give fans more options to find the most relevant information about the NHL in the search results.

This includes adding more job listings to the site as well as more search options.

“We know that fans are searching for information and we know that they want to find information, so this is a very exciting step for our site,” Burke added.

Burk added that the goal of this update will be to make sure that fans can quickly find what they’re looking for, as well.

The job listings will include the league’s player and coach information, and players’ stats and rankings.

The updated NHL.live.com website is available now for all NHL fans to check out.

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