The New Jobs Surge Could Transform the Economy

An estimated 8.7 million new jobs could be created during the next decade if Congress extends the unemployment benefit, according to a new report from the Center for American Progress.

The economic impact of the economic recovery, the report said, is projected to be at least $7 trillion in 2025, with $3.1 trillion coming from new jobs created over that period.

“The job-creation surge that’s occurred over the past five years has been remarkable,” said Matthew Hiltzik, a co-author of the report.

The report said that by 2025, the number of new jobs is projected at nearly 7 million. “

There’s been significant job growth, and the labor participation rate is at an all-time high, so it’s an extremely positive development.” 

The report said that by 2025, the number of new jobs is projected at nearly 7 million.

But in the first decade of the recovery, job growth was slow, with only 4.3 million new job openings during the recovery.

By 2020, the job openings were at nearly 5 million. 

The new jobs would be generated in sectors ranging from construction and maintenance to food service, food preparation and bakery, among others. 

According to the report, about half of the jobs created in 2025 will be in construction, with the remaining half in food service and food preparation, which include grocery stores, fast-food restaurants and bakeries.

The report said the most commonly encountered jobs are sales and sales associates, food service workers, transportation and warehousing workers and healthcare workers. 

There are also plans to create up to 8,000 jobs in education, healthcare and other support services. 

“There’s a lot of good stuff in the economy,” said Ben Siegel, a senior fellow at CAP who co-authored the report with former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich.

“And there’s a ton of bad stuff in there.

But we know there’s lots of good things in there, too.

The economy’s on the rise, and we’re seeing more growth.

We’ve just got to keep it going.” 

Siegel said the new jobs boost will help reduce the nation’s $14 trillion budget deficit and make the economy more competitive with other nations. 

On a more positive note, the new employment boost will provide a boost to the economy, Siegel said.

“This will allow the economy to continue to grow, and that’s a good thing,” Siegel told ABC News. 

Shedding light on the new growth boost The report came out as the unemployment rate is currently at 8.1 percent, down from 8.4 percent in January of last year.

And while the report doesn’t break out employment by industry, the unemployment figure is likely to remain low.

The report also doesn’t provide a breakdown of how many people would be employed as a result of the new job growth.

But according to the most recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 13.4 million Americans are employed, with 2.6 million working part-time.

In January, the labor-force participation rate, the percentage of Americans who say they’re actively looking for work, was about 63.6 percent, according the BLS.

While the rate of people who have given up looking for a job is expected to be higher than the rate that’s going down, the BPS also reports that the labor market is improving.

A full-time job is defined as at least 35 hours a week, which was the rate in February.

But that rate fell to 34.5 hours in March.

The BLS has also reported that job openings have increased by about 1.2 million in the last month, compared to the previous month.

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