‘Troubling’ report reveals many young Irish men are sexually abused in UK

It has emerged that some of the thousands of Irish young men who have come to the UK over the past five years are “at risk” of being sexually abused, according to a report by a leading human rights organisation.

Key points:The Irish Times has revealed that young men from Ireland are more likely to be sexually abused than any other age groupThe report found a link between the Irish culture and the abuse and abuse of young menThere were 2,800 cases of sexual abuse involving young men aged 14 to 24 last yearThe Irish Independent has been told that the number of young people who have experienced sexual abuse in Ireland is “troubling”.

The report, titled “Rape and Abuse: A Human Rights Perspective” by Amnesty International Ireland, was commissioned after the publication of a report into the abuse of Irish boys in the UK by the Child Abuse and Neglect Inquiry (CANIR).

The report concluded that the Irish Republic has a “lack of adequate safeguards” for victims of child sexual abuse.

The report said the number one issue is “cultural factors” which are “linked to sexual abuse” and “caused by a lack of cultural awareness of the nature of abuse”.

The Irish Government said the report had revealed “significant gaps” in the Irish Government’s response to abuse and that there was “a growing concern” about the issue.

However, a spokesperson for the Department of Social Protection said the Department was committed to ensuring that Irish people have access to effective responses to abuse.

They added: “We are committed to working with the Government of Ireland and other relevant partners to build on existing arrangements, including the National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children, and will continue to work with the Irish authorities to support victims.”

The Department of Justice said the Government was committed “to tackling sexual violence and the wider problem of child abuse in all its forms”.

A spokesperson for Amnesty Ireland said: “In the past, Irish Government authorities have taken steps to ensure that survivors and their families can access services and to provide support to victims of abuse, but there are many questions that need to be answered, including: How are victims protected from being exploited and assaulted in the workplace, by family members, and by people in authority?

What are the legal and social implications of providing services and support to people who are not perpetrators?

How can we ensure that the rights of victims and their children are fully protected?”

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