What’s the most important information we can learn from the data?

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Your credit score: This is important because the credit report shows you how well you’re able to pay your bills, which can influence your ability to apply for jobs.

It also tells you if you have a good credit history, which is important if you want to buy a car or rent an apartment.


Your income: This shows you what your net worth is and what you make for each month.


Your retirement income: Some people might want to keep track of how much they’ve saved up for retirement.

That’s important because that can help you predict how much you’ll need to save for retirement, and it can also give you an idea of how far you’ve been able to go in terms of earning a living.


Your health: The health check, a health report, and an annual check from your doctor all tell you what’s wrong with you and how you can get better.


Your employment history: These reports show you the jobs you’ve worked at, how long you’ve had them, and whether you’ve ever had to work outside of your home.


Your financial situation: This helps you see how much money you have, and how much your debts are.


Your family income: The report shows how much the family income is, and the report also shows what you’ve made for each of your children.


Your job search: This might surprise you, but your job search is actually a lot more than just looking for work.

This report will show you whether or not you’re actively looking for a job, whether or no one has contacted you, and what kind of job you’re looking for.


Your savings: This will show whether you’re saving to meet your retirement and other financial goals, and which financial tools you might want.


Your personal finances: This can show you how much it costs to pay off your student loans, and also how much time you spend on your own finances.

You’ll find more information about how these reports work here.


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