When the Moon is a little bit like a telescope, it’s like the Milky Way

In the 1960s, NASA scientists observed the moon’s orbit using a telescope on the Gemini mission.

The telescope was able to measure the moon as a single point, as opposed to the elliptical orbit of a typical star.

This made it possible to study the moon, which was so small that it was often thought to be a single object.

The Hubble Space Telescope has made it easier for us to see the moon in more detail.

In fact, we now see it as a very faint star with a diameter about the size of a pea.

In a recent study, NASA researchers determined that the moon is actually made up of a series of small, bright stars, each with its own star.

The study was published in the journal Astronomy & Astrophysics.

Astronomers have observed the tiny, bright, and very faint stars in the moon for hundreds of years.

The moon is also a small red dwarf.

The tiny red dwarf is made of material that has a much shorter life span than our sun, which is about five billion years.

It’s also extremely dense.

Astronomy has been able to determine the mass of the moon using its gravity.

The more dense the material, the larger the moon.

Astronomer Ken McArthur has studied this phenomenon for many years, and his findings were recently published in a recent paper in the Astrophysical Journal.

In his paper, McArthur found that the Moon’s mass is about twice that of the Sun.

In other words, the moon has about twice the mass that Earth has.

The other major discovery in the study was that the gravity of the Moon does not cause it to orbit around the sun, but instead to form a spiral.

The Moon’s orbit around its host stars is like a spiral with its spiral arms moving from star to star.

McArthur explained: “The spiral arms move from star A to star B, and the spiral arms then move to star C, and so on.

The spiral arms will be moving very quickly.

The Earth’s orbit is more like a parabola with the same spiral arms, and they move slowly, slowly.”

He added: “This is what gives the Moon its rotation.

It moves very slowly, but it has a very large gravitational pull on the stars.

This is why we call the Moon a spiral star.”

Astronomers also know that the spiral arm of the Earth’s spiral arms is the same as that of a planet.

But in a way, it does not seem to be as much of a threat to Earth.

Earth has a lot of material in its core, which creates a lot more gravitational pull than the moon does.

Earth’s gravity is also strong enough to cause our planet to spiral into the Sun every day.

McAvoy said: “A planet’s gravity on the Earth is not very strong.

It can be quite strong.

So we think the Moon will not have a strong gravitational pull, but that is a big surprise.”

This means that, in the absence of Earth, the Moon might form a planet with the mass to be considered a planet, although McArthur does not think that is likely.

The next step in the research is to study more distant objects to learn more about how much the Moon orbits.

For instance, astronomers hope to learn whether there are any objects orbiting distant stars that could have planets as their parent stars.

Astronomical objects like stars, planets, and asteroids can have large masses, and we also know from the Hubble data that a lot has been made of the dark matter that is not made of ordinary matter.

Astronomys have been searching for dark matter, and now we know that there is a lot there.

This will give us new insights into how planets formed, and how they got formed.

It will also help us understand how much dark matter there is in the universe.

The team behind the new study, led by John D. McKinnon of the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, said that the results will help us better understand how the Moon formed.

Astronomics is a complex subject.

Astronologists look at the Moon and the Earth in a different way.

We think of the planet as a piece of material on Earth, and our observations have shown that Earth and the Moon have very different shapes.

This difference in shape means that we have to look at how the Earth and Moon formed to understand how we have different types of planets.

This new study will help astronomers understand how to better understand the formation of the planets that we find.

Astronome and Astrophysicist Ken McAvoys paper on the Moon: The Big Bang and the formation and evolution of planets was published on March 10, 2017.

This article was originally published on Space.com.

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