Why is your employer’s job information so boring?

The average salary for information and information providers has fallen for the fourth consecutive year, according to new data from the ONS.

The ONS said that the average salary fell by 0.6% to £49,800, or 0.2% from £51,600 in 2015.

The latest figures show that, for the 12 months to June, the average annual pay for information providers was £53,300, an increase of 0.4% on the previous 12 months.

However, it’s still more than double the £27,100 average annual salary for the same position for other professional services.

There’s also a drop in the number of information providers earning more than £100,000, down to just over 5% of the total workforce.

It’s the third consecutive year that the number has fallen, following a drop of 3.4%, which took place in the four years before the financial crisis.

The fall has come despite an increase in the proportion of workers earning at least £100-£150,000 a year, and the fact that the majority of jobseekers are in the low-wage sector, which saw a 1.4 percentage point rise in average pay from £45,700 to £51 and a 4.5 percentage point fall from £58,600 to £65,400.

The biggest payers of this category are information and communication technology (ICT) and social media firms, with an average of £56,700.

These organisations are also the biggest earners of the job.

Jobcentre Plus is the biggest payer of the IT sector, with £45.6 million in 2016, while the number who made more than the £100k salary in 2016 was just over 3,000.

A further 4.3% rise in pay was recorded for the information and technology (IT) and digital technology (DCT) industry, which accounted for 17.7% of jobcentre staffs total pay.

Other major payers include advertising agencies, digital media, publishing companies and legal services.

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